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The best month of the year is here.

Training Program

Welcome to SPRINTEMBER 2023!

To join in on the fun and receive this year’s free training program, sign up below…


  • SPRINTember is an initiative to place an emphasis on sprinting and speed development as it pertains to performance.
  • It is an educational & interactive month focused on speed training!
  • You should sprint YEAR ROUND if you are truly after speed development!
  • The goal of SPRINTember is to put something positive into the world while popularizing speed development methods … AND GET FAST!


In the world of sport, coaches tend to lean on cliche’s not limited to, but including: “We’re not in game shape” “We’re just not fit enough” “We need to run ____ because thats what they do at ____ ” “We’re not mentally tough enough” ETC. 

In our observation, these qualities don’t present the best training environment.  It does not seem to matter how tough or in shape the wide reciever who runs a 4.9 40y Dash when he goes against an equally skilled, technically and tactically prepared defensive back who runs a 4.4 40y Dash.

Faster, stronger, more explosive, more powerful athletes win games.  This is not ground breaking research or new information. 
Although, aligning training stimuli to most effciently and maximally affect these top end qualities may be to some. 

The 4.9 40y Dash is slow and light to the athlete who  has the capability of running a 4.4 40.  This faster athlete will appear more ‘in shape’ as the game wears on due to their superior alactic qualities. Simultaneously, having a robust aerobic engine to enhance the recovery capability to repeat alactic efforts is extremely important when it comes to recovery !

It is with these points in mind that we wish to focus SPRINTember on raising the speed of athletes through true sprint work.  This includes SPRINTING, RESTING, & REPEATING rather than trying to increase “game shape” by running 300’s, repeat moderate 110’s and gassers. 
These have been coined ‘Lactic Bath’s’ that do not replicate the bio-energetic demands of most field sports.


This month is about putting something positive into the world.

It started as an idea, and turned into coaches coming together to focus on speed development !

This includes a free speed program dedicated to speed and power development, as well as donating to a great cause.

ALL profits from shirt sales will be donated to an organization aimed to enhance mental health for athletes and coaches.

When it comes to performance, mental health is at the forefront and is becoming more and more prevalent for athletes and coaches to speak out on the importance of mental health. With that in mind, every profit from T-shirt sales will be donated to help increase support for mental health.


The training program is 100% FREE! Enter your email above to sign up. Post Before & After times of your Fly 10’s (be sure to post your fly in distance) . Coaches will see great results if they align their weight room work with their speed work. Speed is a year round endeavor and should be treated as such! Post some videos and let’s get the conversations going for everyone to improve!